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Aggression Controlled

My dog, a Neopolitan Mastiff rescue named Shadrach, had been having a problem with aggression towards other male dogs, large dogs, and also male humans. It seemed that every single time one of the above was around (usually at our morning walk in the park) Shadrach would "gather" himself like he was readying for attack. He'd growl, sometimes bark, and if the person or dog was close enough, he'd lunge for them.

Well, I told Christopher about this and his first question to me was "What are you doing when these situations arise?" Christopher even asked me if I was tightening up on Shadrach's leash. Answer: Yes, I was. I was tensing, I was anticipating the aggression - Shadrach was just translating my reactions into his own.

With just a few suggestions from Christopher about how to "fix" this situation, my life and certainly Shadrach's is much more pleasant. I'm sure that the other dogs and humans are just as pleased! Shadrach doesn't even glance at these "situations" anymore. He whines when he sees an unknown dog, but he doesn't act aggressive anymore. What a relief!

Christopher really knows and loves dogs, and that shines forth in his training. I highly recommend him!

Christopher, I can't thank you enough!

Kim Bloomer
Albuquerque, NM

Biting behavior Corrected

I had a problem with my grandson's dog, Muskeegan. She is a German Shepard mix, so she is quite large! When I would pet her, she would turn her head to the side, and put her open mouth over my hands and arms. She doesn't bite, just her teeth would puncture my skin. She is still young, and I didn't know how to correct her behavior. I had tried several things - but nothing worked.

I had subscribed to the "Bark and Scratch" newsletter, and I wrote Christopher a short note of my problem. He sent me a e-mail, and we set up a time where he could call me.

After talking on the phone for a few minutes, with him asking pertinent questions, he came up with a solution. He really knows how to deal with dogs! I only had to try it twice, and it worked! She is so docile and such a loving dog! She gets a 'good girl' and a treat every time I love and pet her.

If you need help with your dog, you need to give Christopher a chance! He definitely was a God send for me! I can't praise him enough!

Many thanks!

Linda B.

New Baby in the House

Recently, My wife and I became parents to our first ‘human’ child. We have owned 2 dogs for over 5 years now. My wife and I knew the hurdle of adjustment that we would have to overcome in order to keep our dogs as happy as they were before our son entered our lives.

There were concerns of jealousy, anxiety, and even harm to our baby if the latter 2 were too much on our dogs. Knowing that giving up any standings that our dogs have in our lives, or even getting rid of our dogs was not an option, we decided to seek assistance in the adjustments that were needed in our home.

We as people that enjoy the presence of our canine friends, we have a huge benefit among us. I want to tell you all about the service that Christopher Aust and Master Dog Training™ has provided for my family pack. I cannot explain how pleased my wife and I are after meeting Chris. A few sessions over the phone with him has given us a deep understanding of exactly what was going on with my dogs.

He guided us with a few very simple ‘changes’ in our home. These changes have literally demolished the anxiety and stress in both my wife and I, as well as with my 2 dogs. All from 3000 miles away! Now, there is a sense of peace in my home now rather than worry for our newborn. Chris guided us to understanding that our dogs need to feel like they ‘still’ belong in our homes as members of our pack.

I think that the most useful step Chris has suggested we try the following. While my wife is nursing my son, give as much attention as I can to my dogs. in other words, like Chris said, "Guy, you nurse your dogs!" This simple, very pleasing, step gives my dogs comfort and security at the highest level. I can feel their happiness. They know that they still are loved!

Its really quite amazing! The jealousy is down and tails are waggin! They look forward to my wife holding the baby rather than trying to get in between her and baby. I know I would not have thought of this on my own.

If you have not yet met Chris or read up on the service he provides, you are really missing out on meeting someone that has a genuine caring for our fur friends. He’s extremely knowledgeable and one of the nicest persons I’ve ever met.

His compassion for dogs pours out of him. There are so many methods of teaching our dogs and training our dogs. I honestly believe that Christopher has nailed it on the head. In some ways, I think that he may have canine blood flowing through his veins. Trust me! Go meet Chris! You’ll thank me later!

Guy & Liz Maltais
Proud Parents of baby Guy
And proud owners of Cleo and Tierney.
Monroe, New Jersey

Socialization & Food Issues

I just wanted to thank you so very much for all of your assistance with Molly. As you know, Molly is a pit bull and came to our family with several issues. She had socialization issues, food issues, you name it, and she had it.

Your coaching calls are absolutely invaluable to our family. It's amazing that you can tell me what she is going to do before she did or as she is doing it. All of this great information and you are 1500 miles from us!

In just a couple of calls, we saw amazing changes in our dog. We have been consistent with her as you have required and her behavior has improved tremendously.

We are looking forward to our call next week. Please feel free to share this letter with any of your persctive clients. They too will be amazed at the improvement of their dog’s behavior.

Thanks again!

J. Johnson
Fort Worth, Texas

Christopher S. Aust, Master Trainer
11636 Edgewood Rd, Auburn, California 95603
Telephone: 530-386-7104
Hours: Monday - Friday, 9 AM - 5 PM, PST (ONLY)
Email: Chris@Master-Dog-Training.com
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