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Taking time out from training is
as important the training itself.

1994 Tucson Area
Police Canine Trial

Col. Cunningham, Chief of Police
Davis Monthan, Arizona
Congratulates Chris
After Completion of Another
Tucson Area Police Canine Trial
Master Dog Training™

Christopher Aust, Master Trainer

Telephone Coaching & Consultations
In addition to on-site and in-home training, I also do telephone consultations and coaching with people all over the world. I do this for owners needing help with both dog and puppy training. Since the bulk of the true training is for the master, rather than the dog, this is fairly easy to do via telephone.

You may have a simple problem, which merely requires a consultation, or two, for the proper adjustment techniques. Or, you may prefer to have my personal coaching for ongoing sessions. Both are explained below.

My business is growing daily from Internet work. So, these rates will only be available for a limited time!

Personal Coaching ...

When hiring a coach, you are making a commitment to your own success in shaping your dog's behavior. It is an investment in the future of your lives together. Coaching is an ongoing process rather than a one-time consultation. (See "Consultations" below.)

With Telephone Coaching, You Will ...

  • Have the knowledge you are working with an Internationally recognized trainer and behavioral expert
  • Receive an individualized training program based on your needs
  • Receive an in-depth behavioral analysis based on your dog's individual personality
  • Enhance every aspect of your dog's physical and emotional well-being
  • Develop a strong trusting bond between yourself and your dog
  • Be able to train your dog to his highest capabilities
  • Maintain your dog's health at optimum levels
  • Discover how to get your dog to stop digging
  • Eliminate jumping on people
  • Eliminate destruction of your property from chewing
  • Eliminate or reduce aggression
  • Own a happier, more trustworthy dog

Look What People Have to Say!

Your coaching calls are absolutely invaluable to our family. It's amazing that you can tell me what she is going to do before she did, or as she is doing, it. In just a couple of calls, we saw amazing changes in our dog.

J. Johnson
Fort Worth, Texas

He really knows how to deal with dogs! I had tried several things - but nothing worked. After talking on the phone for a few minutes, with Chris asking pertinent questions, he came up with a solution. I only had to try it twice, and it worked!

Linda B.

His compassion for dogs pours out of him. There are so many methods of teaching our dogs and training our dogs. I honestly believe that Christopher has nailed it on the head. In some ways, I think that he may have canine blood flowing through his veins. Trust me! Go meet Chris! You’ll thank me later!

Guy Maltais
Monroe, New Jersey

To read the full testimonials, CLICK HERE

Scheduling Coaching Sessions

Average costs can be anywhere from about $100 to $1,000 per month. You may speak with your coach from two to four times each month. So, you can see that it is important for you and your coach to be compatible.

I offer a free, 20 minute consultation to see how we both feel about working together. If either of us feels it wouldn't be a successful coaching situation, there is no obligation.

My standard procedure for coaching is to spend 45 minutes, four (4) times per month, with each client. My current rate is $180 per month. This is payable monthly, in advance. You may pay online with your credit or debit card - OR - by using your PayPal account.

All Coaching is done via telephone. I pay for the calls on your Coaching Sessions (within the continental USA). I do require at least 24 hours notice for canceled appointments.

At the time of your initial free consultation, please be prepared to schedule your appointments for the first month, assuming we agree to continue. You will then be sent payment information.

I will also provide you with my evaluation form, which will need to be filled out before we begin the actual coaching sessions.

To schedule your free 20 minute initial consultation, please send me an email with your preferred date. I will respond to set up a definite time for you to call. My time zone is Pacific Standard.



Unfortunately, I no longer have the time to help everyone who requests my assistance with their dogs without charge.

You may prefer a straight consultation if you simply need help with a particular problem, or some "acting out" behavior on the part of your dog. Or, you may simply need guidance in choosing a breed that will be compatible with you and your environment.

One time, or intermittent consultations may be scheduled. Since this is a straight, advice-giving situation, rather than ongoing coaching, I do not offer free initial time.

Consultations are currently $30 per half hour - or $55 per hour, payable in advance of the appointment. I pay for the calls on your Coaching Sessions (within the continental USA).

To schedule a consultation, just let me know via email and we will work out a convenient date and time. You may pay online with your credit or debit card - OR - by using your PayPal account.


You deserve to have the very best coaching or consultation for your beloved pet. He deserves no less than a Master Trainer who knows how to shape his behavior in the most natural, and painless way possible!

I look forward to meeting you with that as our goal!

7 Day Mini-Course

Take my 7 Day Mini-Course on dogs and puppies, "Beginning to Understand Your Dog".  Just tell me your first name and email address and you'll receive the first installment momentarily.


Christopher S. Aust, Master Trainer
11636 Edgewood Rd, Auburn, California 95603
Telephone: 530-386-7104
Hours: Monday - Friday, 9 AM - 5 PM, PST (ONLY)
Email: Chris@Master-Dog-Training.com
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