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    Introduction to dog and puppy training using natural techniques.

  • Puppy Training
    Instinctual Development Systemâ„¢ For Puppies

  • Dog Training
    Natural Cooperative Training Systemâ„¢ for Dogs

  • About the Master Trainer
    Certifications, Agencies, Positions and Awards of Christopher S. Aust, Master Trainer.

  • Articles
    Articles & Back Issues of the "Bark 'n' Scratch" Newsletter.

  • Telephone Consultations
    Consultations for the proper adjustment techniques.

  • Telephone Coaching
    When hiring a coach, you are making a commitment to your own success in shaping your dog's behavior.

  • In-Home Training
    If you wish to have personal in-home training ...

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    Read our Privacy Statement to see what we do with information.

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    Read our testimonials to see what others think about out service.

  • Family Pack Resources
    These are products and services we recommend.

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